Krispy Kreme’s nutritional value is a phone call away.

It’s been years since they closed down a lot of the Krispy Kreme stores. Hate to say it, but I really miss them. So I took Saru-chan and drove all the way across the city to the only store still open.  =P

I just love watching how donuts are made.

They all looked so good. (The smell was so intoxicating.) I couldn’t help but buy some.  =P

Okay, so I felt a little guilty scarfing down 2 whole donuts (with and without filling). So I turned to the internet to try to see how many calories or sugar (for that matter) I just consumed. Hehehe, and guess what I found on the Krispy Kreme site.
“To get further information about our products, call us at 1-800-4KRISPY”
It’s all so mysterious. But they taste so sinful.  ^_~


About Saru-chan Amigurumi

I love amigurumi and learning to take photos! Please feel free to leave any comments or advice.
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