Tatting, the beginning.

I finally found something to try after not being able to knit or crochet for so long, tatting. I searched YouTube for learning videos. Surprisingly there’s quite a few videos there. Although I do find that cloverTV1 videos to be the most clear of the lot. I understand that tatting is making of lace but to learn trying to watch videos of people tatting with really fine thread doesn’t really help =P

I learnt with size 10 thread (technically with whatever I happened to find), but at the beginning I was thinking how on earth do people tat with such fine threads.  Almost the size of sewing thread? It obviously made more sense after a few sessions of practising. Having learnt to make friendship bracelets as a kid and Chinese knots & macrame it didn’t take long before I was hooked or would you call an addiction to string, then again I found the term fiber arts. Wonder if that applies?

Here are a few practice pieces. The butterfly was the easiest, then I worked up to flowers, then rings & chains. I did find a very helpful site especially with having no tatting shuttles I made cardboard ones. After a few butterflies I had to buy a shuttle, it was just so much fun & didn’t take long to make all as long I didn’t make many mistakes that I had to try & take out  =P image

Here’s the site where I found some wonderful tips:


About Saru-chan Amigurumi

I love amigurumi and learning to take photos! Please feel free to leave any comments or advice.
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